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All About PopUP CleanUP

Are you looking for a solution to your least favorite part of event planning?

That’s right, we’re talking about the clean-up. You know the struggle of having to stick out a late-night event through the clean-up with your skeleton crew and wanting nothing more than to go home. Or, how about when someone makes a mess during the event and you have to stop everything to deal with it?

Luckily, there’s a quick and easy solution for you. PopUP CleanUP is a commercial cleaning service that provides specialty cleanings perfect for all those messy moments that you’d love to skip. It’s the perfect way to get your event space spick and span without having to do it yourself. Here’s everything you need to know about the world’s best cleanup partner.

What is PopUP CleanUP?

PopUP CleanUP is a locally-owned and operated cleaning service that leaves a space better than you found it during and after you host an event. It’s based out of Los Angeles, but they travel to cities all over the U.S. including Chicago, New York and Miami. PopUP CleanUP goes above and beyond to ensure that you don’t have to lift a finger but still leave the venue in picture perfect condition. They also allow you to customize the services you need. You can hire them for pre-event cleanup, pre-event setup, cleanup during your event, and post-event cleanup. Regardless of where you are in the U.S., PopUP CleanUP is a great resource that allows you to produce your event without any hiccups. PopUP CleanUP serves both indoor and outdoor spaces. Get a quote for your event on their website and make your life instantly easier.

Who should use them?

PopUP CleanUP helps to handle the cleanup process for small and large businesses alike. Their most common clients are millennials and female entrepreneurs, and PopUP CleanUP takes pleasure in empowering these business professionals to take the hassle out of cleaning and being able to truly focus on their events. Yet, even if you don’t fit into these demographics, PopUP CleanUP serves all event marketers, event producers, and event professionals. They’re a one-size-fix-all for everyone who plans events. Don’t waste any time—improve your event experience today!

What else should you know?

PopUP CleanUP originates from real behind-the-scenes experience at events. PopUP CleanUP CEO and founder, Kenetia Lee, knows first-hand just how messy events can get where guests can’t see, and she wants to ensure that event planners and partners have the help that they need to return spaces back to their original condition.

All individuals who work at PopUP CleanUP are highly trained on how to work effectively before, during, and after events. They keep spaces in their best state and perform all their duties with a smile. They endeavor to transform people, parties, places, and the planet. PopUP CleanUP not only does event spaces but also Airbnb cleanings and cleanings for property owners and realtors. They have a wide range of knowledge on both spaces and events.

Final thoughts

Overall, PopUP CleanUP brings ease and convenience to your next event. Their services are catered directly to how event planners operate because they know how it works behind the scenes. Look forward to working with individuals who are professional and positive when you work with PopUP CleanUP. Visit their website here!

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