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BizBash 2023

BizBashBizBash, as we’ve written about here, BizBash is one of the premiere event organizations and each year they have two trade shows—one in Vegas and the other in a city. We’ve been for the past two years, last year in Detroit, this year in Minneapolis, and whereas last year we just attended meetings and the trade floor, this year we had a booth.

Which brings me to the story of Confucius and the Grasshopper. I know. No one has ever said the words Confucius and Vegas in the same paragraph. It’s jarring. But give me a minute and it will make sense.

I’m going to abbreviate the fable here, but there’s a story about a stranger seeking the council of Confucius and encountering one of his disciples on the grounds of the great Chinese teacher’s estate. The stranger asks the disciple how many seasons there are in the year and the disciple responds that, of course, there are four. The stranger shook his head and argued, that, no, there are only three. The stranger and the disciple launch into a lengthy dispute until Confucius comes out and listens to each man say their peace. Finally, Confucius states, “A year has only three seasons.” The guys, was very happy, and left, while the student looked at Confucius, confused, and asked him why the great master agreed with the stranger. Confucius turns to him and says, “Did you notice that our guest was a grasshopper? Grasshoppers die in the winter, so to them, there are only three seasons. How can you convince the grasshopper that there are more months in the year when he has never experienced them?”

And so it is with business. Not all businesses or all trade shows or all events have all the seasons. We found that BizBash is not our season. Focusing mostly on meeting planning for corporate events and NCAA sporting competitions, Biz Bash is not your go-to for festivals, branding activations, galas, award festivals, or product launches. There wasn’t a bridal booth in sight. Few people there had ever hired a cleaning company, mostly because they create events in arenas that already contract with janitorial staff. That said, we did make contact with some of the city event coordinators (Sacramento had a large booth), and we do service political rallies and outdoor festivals. If you are in the meeting planning arena, this is your season.

If your season is experiential marketing, galas, and outdoor concerts, fairs, and festivals, BizBash is your winter.

PopUP CleanUP offers pre, live, and post event cleaning, event rentals such as garbage bins and recycling cans, and restockables.

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