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Case Study: Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse—which, according to its Wikipedia site is an American cinema chain founded in 1997 in Austin, Texas, famous for serving dinner and drinks during the movie, as well as its strict policy of requiring its audiences to maintain proper cinema-going etiquette—held an outdoor screening at a Hollywood Hills outdoor ranch for the new release Nope. If you’ve seen the movie, this PR event was meant to capitalize on the ranch setting of Jordan Peele’s latest horror film.

PopUP CleanUP supplied two cleaners to provide live and post event cleaning for the 300 person event that occurred in a ten thousand square foot space. Our main task for the evening was trash management. In addition to cleaning up discarded food and beverage receptacles and emptying trash cans throughout the evening, our company supplied ten rented Slim Jim trash cans and provided trash hauling away from the grounds at the end of the evening. The most difficult part of the evening was navigating the narrow and winding Beachwood Drive Canyon with the garbage truck.

We also maintained the cleanliness of the restrooms and restocked and provided reusable supplies such as toilet paper during the course of the event.

If you have a large scale event of over 150 people that needs reusable supplies such as toilet paper, trash liners, or live event cleaning such as restroom maintenance or trash management, PopUP CleanUP specializes in these services. You can fill out a request for an estimate here.

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