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Case Study: Alo Yoga

One of the lovely aspects of working events is that each one is different and sometimes can actually be fun even if we’re cleaning. alo yoga was one of those opportunities when they held a product launch party at a West Hollywood private estate for four to six hundred people daily over the course of several days.

PopUP CleanUP provided our full menu of pre, live, and post event cleaning services with six porters and six cleaners.

From picking up trash to powdering the porta-potties, we took care of making sure the entire experience both looked and smelled clean. We wiped down surfaces and picked up discarded napkins and glassware. We helped set up the product tables and broke down boxes at the end to get them ready to be hauled away. We swept the grounds, polished the alo signs, and thoroughly cleaned up afterwards.

alo yoga, a fashion and skincare company, offered a spectacular experience for their guests. The estate had two houses (after all, what estate doesn’t?) in which one was used as a spa for facials, massages, a tarot card reader, an aura healer, and all manner of wellness services. Outside a trainer taught boxing classes and yoga classes were held poolside near a bar that catered healthy drinks like coconut water, kombucha, and artisanal coffee.

Everyone who came was clothed in alo yoga fashions, and the company’s guest list was diverse and size inclusive. What really blew us away, however, was how generous the producers of the event were. They treated our staff with kindness and offered us drinks and salads. It’s rare to service a client and have them insist on trying to service us!

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