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CASE STUDY: Beats by Dre Product Party

February 2018

Have you ever gotten into a dumpster, jumped around in it, and bag by bag emptied it to haul it away, all the time inhaling that beautiful scent of beer cans and stale chips and discarded bathroom products?


Would you like to? Of course you not. They say the best part about cleaning is hiring someone to do it for you. That’s where we come in.

On the same Saturday as the NBA All-Star event, we were also commissioned to provide pre, live, and post-event cleaning for a Beats by Dre product launch party at an independent record store and neighboring bar in Hollywood. Yes, it was hip and cool and fun. And dirty. With all of the various vendors and caterers, there was an enormous production of trash.

PopUP CleanUP was primarily tasked with getting the store ready for the caterers and product vendors to set up. Three cleaners and one porter also prepared the patio and front area of the store for a DJ and spent the duration of the event cleaning spills, clearing away trash, and restocking towels in the bathroom.

Because there was only one dumpster behind the building which lacked the capacity needed to handle the garbage generated by the thousand or so attendees, we were charged with hauling trash from the site. Which is why at the end of the night, one of our crew members went so far as to climb into the dumpster to remove all the bags at the end of the evening—just one example of how our company often goes above and beyond the call of duty—and got catcalled by some very enthusiastic attendees.

Need an event cleaning company that covers all the bases…or, uh, beats? PopUP CleanUP is your go-to pop-up cleaning team.

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