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Case Study: Camp Pendleton Family Fair

We often get asked how many cleaners we recommend for large scale events. Each job has its own particularities and demands. Live event cleaning that involves trash pickup at an outdoor block party is different from being asked to do restroom maintenance and garbage management along with general cleaning of space in a twelve thousand square foot mansion and sprawling estate.

Our general rule of thumb is one cleaner per 200 people unless the job involves more intense services such as black paint removal from windows, power washing, window washing, extensive deep cleaning of the venue. Sometimes we are also asked to to production assistant setup and breakdown and, again, this affects our calculations as to what is truly needed to make your event run smoothly.

Recently we serviced a Family Fair on the storied Camp Pendleton military base in Oceanside, California. The fair serviced about 3000 people in an approximately 160 thousand square foot space. The fair boasted a petting zoo with anteaters and sloths, entertainment shows with music and dance, face painting, merry-go-rides, slides, and lots of entertainment for military families and their kids.

We were contracted to do pre, live, and post-event cleanup which involved general cleaning of space, disinfection, stocking and maintenance of restrooms, and trash management. We rented our trash caddy to help expedite garbage can emptying and dumpster disposal, and we supplied restockable goods like toilet paper and hand towels.

Our staffing included two supervisors and eight cleaners. There has been some confusion as to the difference between supervisors and cleaners. Supervisors still clean. With two supervisors and eight cleaners, the venue still had ten people cleaning. What distinguishes our supervisors is that they organize and manage the crew throughout the event so that everything runs smoothly. Our supervisors are trained in our methods and tend to have been with us for a longer time.

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