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This event brought back nostalgic memories of my friend introducing to me the junk food delicacy of chomping on nacho cheese Doritos and dipping them in sour cream during my high school years. Since I no longer have a teenager’s metabolism, that’s off the menu, but I told the prevent producer who retained PopUP CleanUP for a supper club event held at an event space in downtown Los Angeles right before the December holidays that if they didn’t offer this as an appetizer, they were really missing out.

Five groups of forty or so people were invited to a two-part affair over the course of three hours. The guests started in one room to eat appetizers and then were led into a second room for dinner, all with recipes made with Doritos.

We were tasked with live event cleanup, wiping and disinfecting the table between groups, sweeping the floor of food debris, cleaning up after each setting, and making the Doritos logo on the floor shine and stand out between sittings.

We supplied five cleaners as well as restockables, maintained the restrooms and managed the trash, and left the event space impeccable after two hours of post-event cleaning.

If you have a product launch or brand activation, PopUP CleanUP specializes in corporate event cleaning for groups of one hundred and fifty people or more.

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