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Case Study: Fluffy Fest

Fluffy Fest was a two-day Netflix is a Joke comedy event held at Dodger Stadium for Gabriel Iglesias featuring stand-up and a giant Fluffy blow up doll. This was one of the simpler and most fun assignments we’ve had recently.

Our primary scope of work was sweeping the grounds, picking up discarded food and beverage receptacles, and servicing the restrooms. We did both live and post event cleaning including general cleaning of space. The event went smoothly. The biggest challenge was the midday heat and staying hydrated in the sun.

The marketing and production company hired one supervisor and two cleaners for eight hours each day. They also rented trashcans to supplement those found at Dodger Stadium, ensuring we never dealt with litter overflow.

Fluffy even came over to where some of our cleaners were servicing the event and posed for photos. One of our crew members stayed for the show and delighted in the fact that Iglesias stayed an hour past his contracted time. Not a bad way to end a workday.

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