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Case Study: PopSugar

Beauty bars, zen meditation spaces, fitness classes, wellness lectures, spinning, and healthy food—maybe not what you think of when the words “Pop” and “Sugar” come to mind, but Proud Robinson put together an elegant, colorful, and extraordinary event at The Row in Downtown Los Angeles with all those elements and more.

PopUP CleanUP provided pre, live, and post event cleaning, trash and recycling bin rentals and dumpsters, and reusable supplies like toilet paper, trash liners, soap, and paper towels. This was a full-fledged five day affair.

One of the challenges at this event was making sure that the dumpsters were emptied almost daily with the volume of cardboard and paper refuse that was produced. The bulk of the cleaning centered around trash management and restroom maintenance and keeping the various spaces clean in between activations to make it feel like a spa experience.

We provided two days of load-in cleaning, a full day of cleaning on Friday, the day of the event, and one day of load out to make sure the street was left cleaner than it was found. One of the most critical elements about servicing and event like this is having a map of the layout of the event so that the cleaning and logistics is as streamlined as possible.

If you have a large, multi-faceted event that needs cleaning, reach out to PopUP CleanUP for a free estimate.

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