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Case Study: Sacramento Rally

Anytime people peaceably assemble to protest or rally for their cause, that is, in its essence, a large scale event. What most people don’t think about is how important cleaning is for events like this is because it’s a bit different from a food festival or outdoor party.

Recently we serviced several different political rallies at our State Capitol building in Sacramento for various organizations including the California Nurse’s Association and the Asian American Pacific Chamber of Commerce.

For the Asian American Pacific Chamber, which expected 3500 guests, we staffed 8 cleaners, provided 100 cardboard recyclable bins, and two roll off dumpsters (one 30-cubic yard and another 40-cubic yard). In retrospect, we should have also employed the trash caddy to cart trash from the trash boxes to the roll-offs given the enormous square footage of the Capitol mall.

One particular challenge that arose was the need for multiple dumpsters that became too full at one of the rallies. With booths wanting to empty their flats into the dumpsters, this left little to no room for the rest of the garbage. This caused the dumpster to overflow and two trips had to be made by the driver to the refuse site to discard all the trash. We also had to go back the following day to do more cleaning.

The CNA rally was attended to by 500 nurses for which we staffed 3 cleaners, provided 30 cardboard boxes (half trash-half recycling) with trash liners, and one 40-cubic yard roll-off dumpster. If this had been a food festival, or an event with more potential for waste, we would have scheduled one or two more crew members to manage the scope of work.

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