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Case Study: P&G’s Secret Deodorant

For three days in October (pre-Covid), PopUP CleanUP was tasked with doing pre, live, and post cleaning for a Proctor & Gamble product launch. Executives from New York flew into Los Angeles to attend this one-time event to promote their new deodorant at a private Beverly Hills residence.

Every event venue has its own unique issues and challenges, but when you are in a private residence, proper care for the premises is a must in addition to servicing the event. To protect the owner’s furniture, P&G hired a rental company to haul the furniture out and return it after the event.

However, PopUP CleanUP took photos to diagram how the original furniture was set up so that everything could be put back in its proper place once the afternoon was over and to make sure that none of the furniture was scuffed. The property owner was reasonably particular about their furniture, so extra attention went into the cleaning and replacing of it.

For this particular event, we were asked to man the restrooms and direct traffic during the party. Afterwards, our biggest task was the massive cleanup of flowers. And as you can see from our photos, they created some of the most spectacular flower arrangements. Flowers were everywhere!

Far and away one of the most beautiful events PopUP CleanUP has been privileged to serve, we were thrilled to help ensure the event’s success.

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