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Case study: The Shoe Surgeon

The Shoe Surgeon is one of the most creative and coolest businesses we’ve been able to service. Situated just east of Downtown LA, The Shoe Surgeon refurbishes and redecorates shoes to allow the wearer to assert their individuality and make a bold fashion statement. With an academy that offers classes on customization and creation, a store that sells tools to remake your shoes yourself, plus the opportunity to have team-building parties on site, Shoe Surgeon also offers a customization lab where they will consult with you and do the work themselves. So if you want to add high heels to your Nikes, this is the place to go.

PopUP CleanUP has twice been contracted by them to do live and post event cleaning for parties they’ve held of three to six hundred people. In addition to trash management and restroom maintenance, PopUP CleanUP made sure the parking lot was clean and helped break down the event decor afterwards.

PopUP CleanUP services large scale events and event venues throughout Los Angeles. If you have an event that needs servicing, fill out this form for your complimentary estimate.

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