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Case Study: Vidcom

For two years now, we have provided cleaning and porter services for branding activations for an experiential marketing firm at Vidcom. Held at the Anaheim Convention Center, the Hyatt, and the ARTIC (Anaheim Regional Transport Intermodal Center), our cleaners worked as a support team both during the convention and at an afterparty.

We provided 1 cleaner during the event to go around and pick up discarded food and beverage receptacles, provide general cleaning and disinfecting, and make sure nothing was spilled or strewn across the floor.

At the ARTIC, we provided restroom attendants on two floors as well as trash management services. Post-event, we had six (6) cleaners provide general cleaning of space including restrooms, floors, and surfaces for six hours.

The lesson learned from this experience is always photograph your venue before the party as the ARTIC wanted further cleaning for track marks that they claimed occurred during the event. However, in large, very public venues such as this, and this is a Transportation Center no less with lots of foot traffic coming through on a regular basis, it’s highly unlikely that they were created by the event. Time-stamped photo and video documentation is always a smart precaution—even when it seems unnecessary.

PopUP CleanUP’s area of expertise is helping experiential marketers create branding activations and product launches that are memorable, safe, healthy, and clean.

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