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Chain Reaction

Ever hear of a chainmail scrubber? Yes, it looks like a torture device that walked right out of Medieval Europe, and no, we’re not going to make jokes about torture and cleaning…because for some of us, cleaning is cathartic and…well, maybe not fun, but at least cathartic. To paraphrase Star Wars scribe Lawrence Kasdan, who once said he didn’t like writing but he liked having written, the process of cleaning might feel like a chore and physically draining, but afterwards…? The sparkling sinks! The clean smell of lemon and pine! That clean-slate feeling of rejuvenation! Afterwards, cleanliness might not be next to godliness, but it definitely creates some much needed mental space.

Anyway, chainmail scrubbers are highly effective at removing gunk from cast iron pans. The ones with smaller links are best for scraping out narrow corners, and unless you decide to flog your Le Creuset (not recommended) or pre-seasoned Lodge, they are better than sponges and require a little less elbow grease.

Use hot water to loosen some of the caked-on food and to lubricate the pan, and then start scrubbing. Chainmail scrubbers that have silicone pads in the middle of them can sometimes be better bets for keeping your hands clean and keeping the scrubber stiff so that it doesn’t collapse and jumble around as you are scrubbing the pan. Make sure the iron pot is completely dry when you are done so it doesn’t rust. The chainmail scrubber itself is easy to clean. It can be soaked in soap and water or thrown in a dishwasher.

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