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Crowd Control

Quick tip: if you’re hosting an outdoor festival with thousands of people, and you have an enclosed garden where you are giving away free beer, then crowd control is an absolutely essential piece of of your event planning and logistics.

Crowd control serves two essential functions: safety and accessibility. One small incident can set off a stampede which can be deadly, and you need your event venue to be accessible for both cleaning crews and guests. In the past, PopUP CleanUP has had cleaners trapped in overcrowded spaces, trying to pick up litter and empty trash cans and move those bags to the dumpster, but unable to due to a lack of foresight

While we all want the energy that large groups of people bring when we are throwing an event, as the adage goes, too much of a good thing is generally not so good, and threading through people who are oblivious and intoxicated creates unnecessary and dangerous obstacles that prevent vendors and staffers from properly executing their jobs.

While you consider your venue design, crowd flow is critical for safety and accessibility so that your guests can access all the food trucks, games, booths, entertainment, and services your event has to offer. Free beer, needless to say, is a magnet for throngs of people. By law, venues dispensing alcohol must be contained. As a result, if you are giving out free beer, or free anything that has a wide appeal, consider hiring someone with a counter to stand at the gates and control the number of people who are admitted at any one time. Your guests, and your event staffers, will thank you.

If you need crowd control as part of your event cleaning services, PopUP CleanUP has the men and women for the job.

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