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Dirty Words

One habit I envy about the French is how they have a sharp separation between work and lunch. To eat at your desk and not enjoy the sweet and savory flavors of your food is nothing short of a sin. But then, they also have French food, which, with fluffy daily baked baguettes and fresh Provence-grown vegetables, has earned them a distinction in and of itself.

Here in America, many of us eat at our desks which, while seemingly efficient, actually increases stress and dirties your keyboard.

So there you are, sitting down to type an email, and you look down and there are bagel bits sprinkled between QWERTY and greasy spots on the UIOP.

The most popular way of getting rid of dirt and debris is canned air which offers targeted streams of air to move your crumbs along. You can also use a dust vac, cotton swabs, or, if you’re a big fan of 1958’s The Blob, a cleaning gel like Cyberclean to pick up these nasty strays.

Grease and liquid stains (and why are you bringing liquid near an electronic device?) are best removed by applying a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a towelette and wiping the keyboard, followed with a microfiber towel to remove lint and dust.

Here’s what you don’t do: don’t remove the individual keys. don’t use soap and water, don’t use steel wool or sponges, and don’t put your keyboard in the dishwasher (do I really need to say this?).

Or even better yet, don’t eat lunch at your desk. Bon appetit.

PopUP CleanUP helps you focus better and save time with thorough commercial cleanings that pay attention to all the details–including the crumbs at your desk. Call us today for a complementary walkthrough: (323) 538-0188.

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