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Do Disinfection Services Really Make a Difference?

I’m always amazed at how the littlest things can cause the biggest problems. You might, for instance, have a better chance of survival being run over by a llama (which, incidentally, happened to my aunt and she did survive to tell me about it) than being bitten by a mosquito. Think of all the people who have died of Dengue, Malaria, and the West Nile Virus—all deadly diseases transmitted by mosquito bites.

The components that make up viruses, one of the most common cold and flu agents, are even more microscopic, and as of this writing over two million people worldwide have died of Covid in the past year.

We’ve heard a lot about aerosols and how super-spreading events mainly occur when infected people congregate in confined spaces—both outdoors and indoors. But does disinfectant spray really make a difference?

Yes, to some extent, it does.

According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, “infection control measures for respiratory diseases traditionally distinguish droplets (large, heavy, and believed to account for transmission within 1 to 2 meters) from aerosols (smaller, lighter, and believed to account for more direct transmission). Precautions aimed at contact and droplet control include surface cleansing, hand washing, physical distancing, and wearing makes if less than 6 feet apart; those aimed at controlling airborne disease include ventilation and wearing masks if sharing air.”

So if you live with someone who has been sick or you’re trying to shorten your shutdown after a coworker has turned up positive, disinfecting surfaces, especially high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, keyboards, light switches, and bathroom facilities, can give you some protection and peace of mind.

Electrostatic spray, always applied after surface sanitizing or deep cleaning, has 100% coverage because it gets into nooks and crannies and wraps around fixtures like doorknobs. No, it’s not going to prevent airborne transmission—only masks and social distancing can do that—but it does eradicate droplets which is still important to stopping the spread.

If you need pathogen disinfection services for your home or business, reach out to PopUP CleanUP. We have serviced clients with as little as a two-hour turnaround. Stay safe.

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