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Father’s Day Gift Guide

I find shopping for other people—even the ones I know—incredibly hard. They say it’s the thought that counts, but that means you actually have to put the effort into having thoughts….and sometimes it seems like the things that the person really wants (a Tesla, a trip to Fiji, tickets behind home plate to the World Series) are so far out of reach (like selling your kidneys to science out-of-reach) that settling for affordable means generic or unremarkable and like you didn’t think at all.

Here are some ideas for you, in case your mind tends to get stumped as well:

A subscription to While a full year subscription can cost about $130 if you buy before spring training, by the time Father’s Day rolls around, MLB cuts the rate to $50 for the rest of the regular season. There’s also the radio option at $20 for the year if your dad likes to listen to the game while walking or lifting weights or mowing the lawn. You can buy access to one team or all of them. However, your streaming may be subject to blackout rules if your team is playing at home unless you create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) at home.

Dark Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers are the sort of decadent treat that are too labor intensive to make (unless you’re a closet chocolatier) but are perfect for the chocolate lover who has a fondness for texture, cinnamon, and memories of camp s’mores. While mom and pop chocolate stores often make their own, these Philadelphia Candies classics are available for shipping should you not be able to find a local provider.

The Geekey Keychain Multitool is that weird mini tool that you’ve probably seen all over internet ads. It’s like the mini-me version of the Swiss Army Knife—also a useful gift if your dad doesn’t have one. With sixteen functions, including being able to score and screw drive, bottle open, and strip wires (I guess this means you could hotwire a car with it too?), the multi-tool has sharp edges that can come in handy in a pinch. The one feature we could do without: somehow it works as a pipe? Not sure if this is a wow or an ewww.

The Bevel Rechargeable Hair and Beard Trimmer, made primarily but not exclusively for and by black men for African American hair which can be thicker than other ethnic groups, can help men maintain that groomed look without razor bumps and hair snags. One way you can help make dad look good and support black business.

For the father who actually cooks other than firing up the grill, there are a number of great additions that can contribute to his culinary oeuvre. Chef Max sells holiday gift kits rubs and spice blends for curries, jamaican dishes, beef, burgers, and south of the border menus. A Sous Vide Cooker is the odd appliance that seems fancy and challenging, but actually makes dad’s life easier. Sous Vide is a method of low temperature long time cooking where food is sealed in a plastic pouch and cooke for longer than usual at a precisely regulated temperature. Not only will it cut serious time out of your cooking duties, but it will also make your food taste more tender and less overdone. For the serious extravagant gesture, consider a Vitamix, the Rolls-Royce of blenders. Although pricey, these gems pulverize food to a creamy texture, are essential for making the ultimate smoothie and also come with a grain attachment to turn nuts and grains into powders.

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