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Get-a-Porter? or a P.A.?

Many event producers decline to hire porters because they already have production assistants. What’s the difference? you say. Well, there’s actually a big difference—mainly that one is running around like a chicken with their head cut off trying to do everything, and the other is there solely to clean.

A porter’s entire job is to create a clean, safe, clutter-free event space. Their dance card is an ever-whirling round of emptying trash cans, clearing away used cocktail glasses and plates, wiping spills off the floors, and ensuring the premises look professional.

A P.A. is a generalist whose main function is to manage the event’s logistics—which could be anything from making sure the beverages are stocked to emptying trashcans to giving instructions to the DJ to dealing with the attendees.

The P.A. will miss things the porter looks out for because they’re not just focused on one thing, but distracted constantly by the next thing.

A P.A. is reactive. A porter is proactive.

So be proactive for your next event and consider hiring a live-event porter. PopUP CleanUP is the expert for all your event cleaning needs.

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