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It’s Christmas. Does your Carpet Feel like the Forest Floor?

One of the best things about Christmas is the Christmas tree. The lights, the ornaments you’ve collected over the years that bring back memories, the pine scent smell…but it also sheds worse than you and your cat or dog do, and pine needles can be just as stubborn as fur and hair.

Don’t sacrifice your vacuum! Regardless of whether it’s a canister, bagged, robot or stick model, pine needles can block vacuum intestines and stick to the broom machinery. And you’re going to be really upset when you have to hand over a pretty penny to the repairman—especially if it’s a top of the line model like a Dyson or a Miele.

If you must use your vacuum, make sure you empty the bag or canister before cleaning and then empty the bag or canister again right afterwards. Also, use the hose attachment so that the needles go directly into the canister or bag and avoid getting caught in the brush attachment.

However, there are a few other effective (and less adverse) methods of de-pining your floors:

1. A sticky roller—just like a lint brush, these will pick the needles right up off the floor. Washable and reusable, these sustainable tools are also great for removing fur and hair and great for cleaning the interior of your car.

2. A rubber broom—instead of pushing the needles about on the floor and frustratingly working against their sticky gum stubbornly refusing to budge, a rubber broom will easily sweep the pine needles into your dustbin, and…then you can go back over your floor with a wet mop or vacuum.

PopUP CleanUP wishes everyone a safe and relaxing holiday season and looks forward to servicing all your commercial and residential cleaning needs!

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