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Large Scale Event Recycling

As of 2004, California State Law AB 2176 and SB 1383 require large events (over 2000 people) and venues to plan for recycling and organics collection. At PopUP CleanUP, we strive to take care of our planet and safeguard our future by diverting waste from landfills. That said, we do understand that there can be significant cost involved, and it’s important to understand this upfront when planning for your event.

Recycling falls into two categories: green waste and durable materials. Green waste includes flowers, greenery, food, and compostable food wrapping (like beeswax) that can be composted and converted to decaying matter that can be used to fertilize soil. Durable materials that can be recycled include aluminum, metal, glass, paper, cardboard, textiles, steel, and some kinds of plastic. Unfortunately, currently, landfill waste, green waste, and recyclable waste all go to different types of facilities and those facilities are not open at night when event refuse is usually picked up. This means that the waste not only needs to be picked up, but sometimes stored overnight, and then dropped off at various facilities the next day. This can add extra expense to the bill.

To reduce the amount of waste generated, and therefore the expense, check out the Los Angeles County Public Works Waste-Free Event Guide to help you implement strategies to not only conform to the law but also plan for it prior to your event.

California Law SB 1383, aiming to reduce the methane gas created by dumping uneaten food and curb climate change, will be effective January 2024 for events and event venues. This law will require:

  • Edible food currently thrown away must be recovered and donated for people to eat.
  • The remaining organics must be collected for composting.
  • Recyclables must also be kept out of landfills.

PopUP CleanUP can help you come up with a solid recycling plan for your event by creating eco-stations with receptacles that allow separation of various materials as well as offering post-event hauling.

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