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Party Poopers

We need to have a talk about plumbing. Yes I know, you read “Party Poopers” and thought we were going to talk about introverts, or bookworms, but no. We’re going to talk about plumbing.

One of every event cleaner’s nightmares is when planners don’t take plumbing into account when having product launches or weddings or large functions at private houses and estates.

Toilets manufactured and installed expecting 20 flushes at most a day have trouble suddenly accommodating 300 an hour. Often this lack of foresight leads to plumbing disasters. Five-to-ten thousand dollar emergency plumbing disasters. Something you REALLY DON’T WANT soiling your beautiful event, let alone have to pay for.

This is where you, the event planner, needs to develop a first-name basis friendship with Andy Gump. Or at least some kind of port-a-potty system that preferably doesn’t bring construction sites to mind but maybe one of the more, shall we say, deluxe accommodations with lights and actual toilets in them. Especially if people are wearing evening gowns and high heels.

Why do I bring this up? Because, as you’ve guessed, on several occasions, we have had the opportunity to service events at private mansions and have witnessed volcanic sewage. Ewww? Yes, ewww. But also not something you want to happen while you’re handing out canapés and gourmet falafel. Nor something the resident or owner wants to have happen to their state-of-the-art beautiful bathroom and home.

Poor planning on the event producers’ end often constitutes an emergency on ours, and while we are always willing to be of service to our clients, cleaners are not skilled plumbers. We cannot fix things once they are broken, but we can advise you on how to prevent emergencies from happening in the first place.

For all your event cleaning, setup, and consulting needs, consider PopUP CleanUP. We clean up rather well.

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