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Poop Stoop

Recently some love birds starting hanging out on the drainpipe under my roof, warbling at regular intervals while they tend to their nest. Normally, I’m not a fan of pigeons—they’re kind of like the rats of the air—but I’m worried about bird and wildlife populations, and I’ve taken to this pair unexpectedly. So I’m letting them be.

That said, I have not taken to the mess they dropped on the ground in the alley next to the house. A huge section of concrete had become decorated with large swaths of pigeon poop. Not a look anyone wants on their property. So here is how you clean pigeon poop off the ground.

Pigeon poop on cement walkway

Pigeon Poop

Scrub. Hard. If the poop is really ingrained into the cement, then you may need vinegar or a power washer to remove it. But while some will extol the virtues of chemicals and dish soap, be forewarned—runoff from that seeps into groundwater and the environment which is really, really bad.

So scrub. And then rinse. And scrub some more. The worst part to get up is the white residue, which is the uric acid excreted by the kidneys since the birds don’t break this down into urea, which is soluble. Uric acid is insoluble which is why the vinegar can help reduce its hold on the cement.

Allowing the vinegar and water mixture to soak for at least 15-20 minutes will help loosen the bird poop’s hold on the ground.

If the poop is really ingrained, power washing will definitely do the trick, but keep in mind that using the equipment incorrectly can cause wear and tear on the cement which is why it’s always best to let a professional take the reins. (For more on this topic, see our blog post here.) Also, once done, make sure you put bird deterrents above the ground so that the birds don’t return. I’m waiting for the babies to be born, and then I’m reclaiming my stoop.

If you have an event venue that is splattered with pigeon poop, PopUP CleanUP offers power washing services to make your space look sparkling new.

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