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PopUP for the People

We are all experiencing a variety of emotions right now. Anger, grief, hopelessness and an urge to do something to help. At PopUP CleanUP, we stand in support of those who are peacefully protesting, but we are also saddened by the ruin left behind by others. That’s why we would like to offer free cleanup for impacted businesses. This is a chance for all of us to give back, to come together and be a part of PopUP for the People (#popupforpeople).

It will give our team the opportunity to get out and do work to restore our community and offer volunteers the chance to be a part of a movement centered on economic restoration for small businesses. We will work alongside each other in solidarity and unity in our own way. Only together can we right the wrongs, only together can we make strides to heal, recover and hope for a better future. Join us in this effort and PopUp for People with us…


Come out and be part of our amazing crew. We will pick 3 different small businesses to provide FREE cleaning for their place of business that has been impacted by looters.

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Can’t volunteer your time….If you can spare a few dollars this will help us out tremendously in providing food for our crew, masks, gloves, water, garbage bags.

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#PopUp for the People

We at PopUp CleanUp are deeply saddened by the ruthless killing of George Floyd. His death shines another spotlight on the systemic injustice and inequality facing Black and brown communities across the United States. Together we stand in solidarity with the peaceful protests taking place here and around the globe, working to stop this senseless violence from continuing to happen. Our company is rooted in opportunity, in second chances, and we are heartbroken that George Floyd was never given a chance.

Since our beginning, we have been dedicated to creating jobs for workers from marginalized communities; to offer reliable work to bridge the gap, leading us toward a better, cleaner future. But we can only achieve our goals of building a better tomorrow if we all contribute to making this world more beautiful and equitable today.

Here is a list of resources we’re relying on for guidance and information as we continue to do the work around social justice through job creation:


Thank you for listening. We are too.

Kenetia Lee

CEO, PopUP CleanUP


Your voice matters. America may have declared its independence in 1776, but it wasn’t for another 94 years until black men were granted voting rights and 148 until the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified for women. Native Americans weren’t even considered full citizens until 1924 and not granted the right to vote everywhere until 1962. People fought and died for that right and today, sadly, are still fighting. Don’t take your voice and your right for granted.

Even if you live in a state that feels like it has a predetermined outcome, know this: every race counts up and down the ballot. In fact, your local and in-state races for the House and Senate as well as for sheriff, for judges, and for your local representatives and city council members may have a greater effect on the issues you care about than the race for President. Please do your research. (We have provided you with some links below.) And please use your voice.

To register or find out if you are registered to vote, please visit

If you live in California and are already registered to vote, you will be automatically sent a mail-in ballot.

However, given the current political climate and the stress put on the United States postal service due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to make sure your ballot is counted, consider dropping it off at a ballot drop-off site before the election or at your polling place on November 3rd. Or mask-up and vote in person on November 3rd.

If you are young and healthy, consider volunteering your time to be a poll worker.

For any and all voting and voter registration concerns and questions, visit


If you are upset with the tenor of discourse in this country and would like to see change, consider volunteering your time or donating money to any of the following organizations:

Swing Left:
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee:
DNCC ActBlue:
Vote Save America:

More conservative but still want to protect our Democracy and our Constitution?

Republican Voters Against Trump:
Lincoln Project:

HOW TO Research candidates & BALLOT MEASURES