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Talkin Trash

Although Oscar the Grouch might love getting stuck with bins of overflowing trash, unwieldy amounts of garbage are enough to make many an event producer frown. Garbage removal is one of the most important considerations for event cleanup—particularly for large scale events, and particularly for events that occur outside. Fly away trash means litter which means clogged storm drains and garbage going out to sea which means increasing the size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which unfortunately is actually a thing.

Right now there is more plastic in the ocean than biomass. This is not a good trend.

PopUP CleanUP offers the following services for trash removal during and post your event:

1. Removal of discarded food and beverage receptacles. One Nike branding event we serviced had beautiful sculptures of athletes stationed around the re-imagined warehouse we were in. People left their napkins and cocktail glasses all around the edge of it, and we continually swept these up to preserve the aesthetics of the space.

2. Trash caddy rental. (See image below) Our trash caddy is essentially a bucket on wheels. When cleaning up at farmer’s markets, fairs, or at outdoor block parties and concerts, our cleaners use this to go from trash can to trash can to carry multiple garbage bags to an outlying dumpster.

3. Golf cart rental. For really large scale parties and events that occur on extensive acreage, renting a golf cart allows for greater facility and time management getting around from trash can to trash can to manage and prevent overflow. If you have an event in a park or on a large fairground, then golf cart rental might be the way to go. Where this might not work so well is where there are dense crowds through which the cart cannot move or lots of children or animals running around for both liability and safety purposes.

4. Post-event trash hauling. If your event generates far more trash than the facility has room for in their dumpster or in the trash bins at a private estate, then trash hauling is critical to preserving the cleanliness of the environment and grounds of the estate. Most trash hauling starts at a nominal fee and then is charged based on tonnage or based on how full (quarter, half, three-quarter, whole) the truck gets. This is ideal particularly at large functions on small pieces of property or at venues that don’t have their own waste removal team and contracts.

5. Trash can rental. We rent Slim Jim Trash cans and offer trash liners at wholesale cost. Most event planners underestimate how many bins they will need or don’t consider this at all. What’s worse is that many producers don’t consider their trash can needs until the last minute only to then buy a lot of bins and afterwards throw them away because they have nowhere to store them. Not only is this excessive in terms of cost, but also in terms of waste production. (See the Great Pacific Garbage Patch above.)

So the next time you host an event, consider what your trash removal needs will be. PopUP CleanUP can mitigate both your costs and your spillage. And like Oscar the Grouch, we’re happy to take your trash away.

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