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The Most Overlooked Way to Save Money on Events: Rent or Buy from Your Supplier

When you’re planning an event, big responsibilities like choosing a venue and music often overshadow the minor details like how much toilet paper you need. But can you imagine the taste you’d leave in your guests’ mouths if you ran out of soap in the bathroom or had overflowing trash cans?

Planning for event supplies is just as important to your success as things like parking, food, and entertainment. In case you didn’t know, you can actually save a lot of money, time, and stress by buying or renting your supplies directly from your event cleaning company.

Why Buy Supplies Directly?

You probably know you’ll need trash bags, hand soap, and toilet paper for your event, but it’s not easy to guess how much of these items you’ll need. In some cases, you’ll be stuck with a huge surplus of supplies (and the cost of these items). At other times, you’ll be sending your personal assistant or intern on a store run midway through your event.

Many novice event planners don’t realize they can get all of the supplies they need from the same company you hire to clean up after the event.

Professional cleaning companies can get event supplies in bulk for less than what you’d pay retail. On average, you can save 20% to 30% and make more room in your budget. Remember: cleaning companies do this for a living. Just tell them how many people will be at your event, and they can calculate the amount of supplies you’ll need with confidence. There’s no worry about spending too much or not having enough of what you need, so you can strike the best balance of budget friendliness and guest satisfaction.

What to Rent and Buy from Your Event Cleaning Company

At PopUP CleanUP, we’re a full-service cleaning company in every sense of the word. Aside from offering event cleaning and porter services, we also provide you with all the reusable and disposable items that often go overlooked.

Consider the following must-have items that will save you money, time, and hassle:

Bathroom Products

Running out of paper towels and hand soap is enough to get guests talking, but running out of toilet paper will make them furious.

Plus, if you hire an event porter, you can ensure that bathroom products inventory is monitored and items are restocked when needed. If you start to run out of something, your event porter can have more delivered discreetly so there’s never a gap in service.

Trash Cans

You can buy your own trash cans. Maybe you’ve even covered the cost in your budget. But once the event is over, what do you plan to do with all those extra trash cans? If you’re a professional event planner, you may be able to reuse them for future events, but paying for storage and transportation can negate any potential benefits.

It makes more financial sense to rent trash cans, or at least purchase them wholesale. We also have cardboard trash boxes available to rent at a fraction of the cost.

How much will you save on supplies? Reach out today for a free quote and let us help you save money on your next event!

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