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Three Gifts to Give your Event Planner

It’s been a tough year for events and event planners. As a company that used to conduct 70% of our business in the event clean up arena, Covid has certainly changed our modus operandi, as many of our clients and colleagues have found refuge on Zoom, and others have branched out into side hustles until quarantine is over. That said, when this is over, who thinks we’re all going to want to make a beeline for the outdoors and hug everyone in sight?

Covid or no Covid, phones are major germ depositories. From an event planner herself: “this is the gift of the year right now. I don’t have one though yet…” Hint, maybe?

Phone Soap UV Sanitizer


Great for presentations. Especially if you don’t have a big television and need to project onto a wall or blank screen.

Mini LED projector


Some of us have so many candles we could hold a seance to bring Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean all back from the dead, but for those you know who relish the smell and down-regulating calm of luxury candles…

Luxury Candle


Or, you can also set them up with gift cards from PopUP CleanUP for pre-, post-, or live-event cleaning or disinfection for their event. Because what could be better than having someone else do the dirty work for you? Email us at info@popupcleanup or call (323) 538-0188 today.

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