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Three Ways to Lower Event Cleaning Costs

Cleaning up after your guests leave is one of the most overwhelming and underestimated tasks of an event. Even small parties can face major cleanup duties, and your venue won’t hesitate to charge you for it.

Post-event cleanup is a profit center for most venues, not a break-even service. But that doesn’t mean you’re forced to pay their sky-high cleaning costs. Here are three ways you can save money on cleaning up after an event without doing it yourself or relying on volunteers:

#1 – Have an Event Porter On Hand

Using an event porter can help to keep your venue clean before, during, and after an event without being disruptive to your guests. Event porters take out trash during the event so it’s not overflowing, restock supplies like paper towels and soap, and assist with event equipment and decoration setup and breakdown. Think of it as an extra set of hands (or several!) that handles all the fine details during the event so that cleanup is a breeze.

#2 – Hire Your Own Cleaning Team

Most venues add cleaning costs as a line item in the agreement, but if you provide your own cleaning team, you could have this cost deleted altogether. Whatever it costs the venue to clean up your event, they’re going to be adding to it to make money.

Having your own team can be cheaper than using the service provided by the venue. It cuts out the middleman so you’re only paying for the cleaning service.

#3 – Purchase Cleaning Products Through Your Cleaning Team

Cleaning companies have access to toiletries and supplies through their suppliers, which means you could save big on things like soap, paper towels, garbage bags, and other goods at 20%-30% below retail. This saves you a trip to the store, plus you save money in the process through the company’s strategic partnerships.

Outsource Event Cleanup and Save Money in the Process!

When you’ve planned details that often go overlooked, like post-event cleanup, your event can go much smoother and give you peace of mind knowing you have nothing left to worry about.

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