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If you’re on Instagram and you have anything in your algorithm that connects you to being owned by a pet, you’ve undoubtedly seen ads for the Uproot Cleaner trolling through your feed. The Uproot Cleaner, or family of cleaners, which comes in the Mini, the Pro, the Max, the Xtra and the Ultra, each with longer and longer handles, is a more environmentally friendly version of a lint roller.

The Company, based out of Atlanta, GA, professes to have created products that remove pet hair from rugs, carpets, bedding, cat towers, pet beds, clothing, cars, and furniture. Their promotional materials even say you can comb hair or fur off the animal itself.

Having reached more than the maximum seven to eight times exposure to their ad to remember it, and wanting to become more minimalist in my plastic use and consumption habits, I decided to give the Uproot Cleaner a try.

I bought the Pro, which has a handle and a metal comb section. The xtra and ultra look like mops and are clearly meant for flooring. I found that it did, indeed pick up an enormous amount of fur from the cat condo, my bedding, and the upholstery. On my fleece jacket, the results were more mixed. The device pulled up some clumps, but left some straggling pieces. I think maybe the mini is designed more for smaller areas and more complex (less flat) terrain.

I tried to offer a comb to my cats, but one of them leaped away at the sight of it as if I were going to filet him, and the other one just looked confused. Indeed, the Uproot Pro didn’t give her nearly the same kind of comb as the one I found at the pet store and it didn’t pull up any hair. Maybe that’s what the mini is for, but I already have a cat comb I’m focusing too hard on minimalist living to buy every model in the line.

Overall, I did like it for house cleaning and will continue to use it on upholstery. The pros are that it’s more sustainable and involves creating less waste (no more reams of lint roller sheets discarded into the trash bin), and definitely pulls up hair and fur in nice big clumps. That said, it is somewhat limited in its scope and it does snag a bit on some fabrics. Don’t use it on your Oscar gown.

My only other complaint is that the company is a bit overzealous with their email campaign. I feel like they hijacked my inbox even when I didn’t sign up for this kind of overcommunication.

Until we live in the future where there are jobs devoted entirely to managing inboxes for regular everyday people, I’d like them to be a little less ardent in their pursuit. We just don’t have that kind of relationship.

I give the Uproot Cleaner four out of stars.

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