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Water is not your Friend

At least, not when it comes to hair.

You know what I’m talking about. Those hairs. Those straggly little hairs that you chase around the tile floor and act like a magnet on the porcelain toilet base and stubbornly stick to the grout lines.

The vacuum doesn’t always work in the tight corners and brooms just sort of waft the hair around into maddening little nests. You can’t just ignore this because at some point you will be living with a hairball that’s trying to compete with the largest ball of twine. (Yes, there really is such a thing. It’s not just a gag in National Lampoon’s Vacation. There’s actually a battle going on which city has the largest ball, but we recommend you clean the hair off your floor so you don’t become a contestant.)

All the while, you’re struggling with this, wondering where all this hair came from in such a short time and failing to appreciate the marvel of human beings as giant shedding machines.

Because hair is your cleaning Waterloo.

Why? Because water is actually not your friend. It serves to stick the hair to whatever surface it’s on as opposed to attracting it and picking it off.

But we have three solutions for you:

1. Sticky rollers. Just like a giant lint brush, sticky rollers are passed over tile and linoleum and act to pull up straggling hairs. They can be rinsed clean and reused and last for a very long time when kept well maintained.

2. Rubber brooms. Nylon bristles just push hair around. If you pull a rubber broom towards you in short strokes, it traps the hair and, when done, you can rinse the broom clean.

3. Microfiber towels. Used dry, these can grab hair off the fixtures and then be put in the washing machine to be cleaned and reused.

It is only after using one of the above tools that you can add liquid cleaning agents and water. Only then does water become your friend.

Or you can just outsource your bad hair day to the professionals. Book PopUP CleanUP for all your commercial cleaning needs:

The Largest Ball of Twine, Cawker City, Kansas

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