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Case Study: Renegade Craft Fair

Renegade Craft Fair is a company out of Chicago started by Justin Rathell that puts on, you guessed it, craft fairs for small and bespoke brands ranging from nut butter makers to t-shirt designers to home crafts brands to beauty and skincare lines. There are also a wide range of food trucks from Indian to All-American to Liquid Death. We’ve had the honor of servicing them four times, three times at LA Historic Park and once at Santa Monica Airport. Sometimes we come home with some goods. Sometimes we see a pig.

First thing’s first: if you are ever conducting business in Santa Monica, know that every business must have a business license to conduct business there. They also have very strict trash rules. For the Santa Monica Airport event, we provided three cleaners plus two extra hands to separate garbage into three dumpsters: one for trash, one for glass, and one for compost.

California has some of the strictest environmental laws in the country to keep our state beautiful and clean, but make no mistake, the logistics of adhering to them are not easy, or cheap. State Law enacted in 2004 (which we discuss in depth here) requires recycling for large-scale events of 2000 people or more. And refuse sites insist on trash separation or you get charged more at the refuse site.

So glass, aluminum, certain types of plastic, and paper all go into recycling. But other types of plastic are trash. And all food, wood, and paper towels and napkins and cardboard can be recycled. So we had people all day separating trash to make sure Renegade was in compliance with the law.

On top of that, we provided three cleaners to pick up trash, collect discarded food and beverage containers, reline trash cans, and keep the Andy Gumps clean and serviceable.

PopUP CleanUP provide live event porters for trash management and restroom maintenance for large scale events.

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